Good Fortune Bracelet

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Embody King energy with this tiger eye and hematite beaded bracelet. This is the perfect combination of crystals for grounding, protection and manifesting good luck. Lightweight and durable with an elasticity for one size fits all. Makes a great gift for a husband, father, son or grandfather.


Bead size: 8mm

Bracelet length: approximately 7.08 inches

Tiger Eye Healing Properties

  • Draws in luck and prosperity
  • Will power
  • Stone of protection (esp. for travel)
  • Strengthens confidence 
  • Supports you in getting through obstacles 
  • Helps you achieve your goals

Hematite Healing Properties

  • Enhances Courage
  • Enhances will power
  • Releases Fear
  • Strengthens confidence 
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Helps with grounding 
  • Increases feelings of safety and security


There is nothing in life that I can’t achieve. I have the strength to move through any obstacle. Prosperity is coming my way. I am safe in the world and all is well


Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus

Care Instructions:

Tiger’s eye is a soft gemstone with a Moh’s hardness of 7.This means that it can be scratched or damaged easily, so it’s important to be careful when cleaning it. When cleaning Tiger’s eye in water, it is best to use a mild, PH-neutral soap and to avoid abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, then dry it afterwards. Tiger eye can be placed in water for cleaning; however, If tiger eye is left in water for long periods of time it can become damaged or discolored. 


For Men